Born in the 80s. Given my first camera when I was pint-sized. It was a Pentax. Grew up with rolls of film in my pockets. Photos were blurry. Parents thought it was a phase. Ten years spent photographing things. Apprentice to a few photographers. Loaded lots of film. Didn't shoot much. Decided to teach myself. Photos got better. No longer a phase. Went to college. Majored in Communication. Public Relations and Journalism to be exact. Learned a lot. Started Hybrid Angle Photography. Graduated. Job in Delaware. Traveled a bit. Felt something was missing. Did some soul searching. Changed career focus. Took a chance. New job in Atlanta. Account Executive at Jackson Spalding. Decent PR practitioner. Much better photographer. Started photography service offering at JS. It was small. Learned to art direct my own productions. Couple big breaks. Work used all over the world. Felt ready for a change. Learned video. Now a multidisciplinary creative and partnering with brands and agencies to produce incredible film and photo content. It's challenging. Loving it. Feeling blessed.


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